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Http is an application layer protocol designed for client-server communication and can be made analogy as a kind of mail service simply with the following features:
Http header; contains operating information about the message such as destination, content type and etc. in the form of key-value pairs.Payload; is the part that the actual message is contained.HTTP protocol is comprised of commands such as GET, POST, PUT..

History of HTTP by VersionsThe initial version of HTTP is 0.9 which is released in 1991.HTTP 1.0 is released in 1996.HTTP 1.1 is released in 1997.In 2015, the specification of HTTP/2 as a revised version was published by IETF.

Drawbacks of HTTP 1.1Needs multiple connections for concurrencyDoes not compress request and response headers, that means unnecessary network traffic

HTTP/2The main goals of HTTP/2 are simplicity and performance inspired by the experimental protocol SPDY which is released by Google in 2009.HTTP/2 is an extension to the previous HTTP standards, not rep…