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The Convergence of OpenJDK and the Oracle JDK

In 2018, Oracle changed the license of their JDK. Instead of a single JDK build available both for commercial and free users, they offered two different JDK builds:
Oracle JDK (commercial), which can be used in development and testing for free, but you have pay to use it in production.Oracle Open JDK (open source), which can be used in any environment for free.
JDK BuildsThere is only one set of source code for the JDK. It is hosted in Mercurial at OpenJDK.Anyone can take the source code, produce a build, and post it. So, Oracle created a certification process that should be used to ensure the build is valid.This certification is run by the Java Community Process, which provides a Technology Compatibility Kit (TCK or JCK as Java). If an organization produces an OpenJDK build that passes the TCK then that build can be described as "Java SE compatible".The most popular and famous builds are distributed by Red Hat, Azul and community-led Adopt OpenJDK.
Oracle Commercial JDK If you …